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Launching high Ticket Online Course

And keeping it profitable.

After several years in helping individuals and companies launching, developing and marketing their online courses, The Black Bird is for the first time launching its own online program, teaching you the exact process we use at the company to launch successful courses and marketing campaigns.

The Black Bird talks the talk & walks the walk, We’ve dedicated ourselves to understand the online courses market by first principles, understanding what are the core needs of students as well as instructors, and how to create and launch a product that changes both students lives and the teachers/ entrepreneurs life. After helping, companies reach over 400k+ Website visitors a month and $800k/ m ( profit ), we knew that we had to share our experience entrepreneurs achieve their goals of launching a successful program.

The Misconception

Most people believe the following.

You need a huge following, an astronomical e-mail List, to be an expert in the area, write a blog that has 100k views monthly, write a bestseller, You need to have the best course on the planet and the best one yet… to invest in Facebook / Google  Ads because without them you cannot sell a course.

Most people are Wrong.
This is what it’s called Herd mentality

We’ve have developed different ways for you to kick start your project without spending a dime in software, or even advertising.
And then we ramp things up with Facebook ads.

Our background in launching info products and working with E-learning schools, allows us to have a fresh perspective on real science, yes, the science behind selling online education.

Even though the companies we worked with they had a different approach in sales, delivering the courses, and the proposal.

They all had a few key principles:

  • Supply and Demand – Not launching a course unless they already had students for it
  • 50% – 60% of Sales came from Organic Methods
  • Focus on Student Satisfaction and “Winning Ratio”
  • 1º Focus is to produce content that will indeed change the student or potential student life.
  • The Ads ( Our primary job ) Should ALWAYS have the sales in mind and not leads, No school ever created a campaign with the sole purpose of growing their e-mail list.
  • The Email list is a communication channel, not the primary driver for sales.

How Digital Ignition Works?

Digital Ignition was put together by The Black Bird's Team, based on our Experience launching courses. It's like an S.O.P ( standard operating procedures ) Combined with Consulting to deliver the best experience and learning path possible. Our Goal is for you by the Second Week of working with Us start filling up the seats of your course without worrying about an email list or creating the course.
Here's the path to your success.

Item No. 01

Straight Path Training

It’s extremely important that you have a Recipe to follow, the training is laid out as an easy step-by-step to follow.

Item No. 02


We will provide you with a Full SSL encrypted website, you only need to fill in the information.

Item No. 03

Sales Funnels

We will provide you 2 of our heights converting sales funnel. One Pre-installed into your website so you don’t need to pay for third parties software like click-funnels

Item No. 04


We will provide you a LMS system, so you don’t need to acquire third-party software like Kajabi, Teachable or Thinkfic

Item No. 05


One of the best software for productivity, so you don’t have to worry about Slack and Asana.

Item No. 06

Swipe Files And Worksheets

We will provide you with Swipe files for you to model, and study from, as well as worksheets to better guide you.

Item No. 03

Weekly Live Calls

Twice a week group calls for 2 hours, where you will be mentored by me.

Item No. 04


A community for you to connect with likeminded individuals.


Week 1 - Foundations

Start laying down the foundations for your success.

Understand your market, your niche, their pain, build your persona, Building your godfather offer, and Ads building Phase one.

Week 2 - Sales & & Copy Writing

Start getting money through the door ( or bank account ), we will validate your course and your offer by selling it before building it. In week two we will price your high ticket course, set up your payment system, and start using organic methods to sell your course. You will get Sales training as well as our sales team prospecting and sales script for high ticket closing.

Week 3 - Building The Course

After getting paying clients we will start building the course while being profitable.

Week 4 - Paid Attraction Methods

Deep dive into Facebook ads, from understanding the algorithm and how it works to custom audiences and conversions.
In week 4 we will launch our first campaign to scale the business quickly.

Week 5 - Midas Touch and Godlike Omnipresence

Facebook ads scaling, how to scale Facebook ads that generate $100k+ per month, and building a strong retargeting campaign.

And an introduction to the second sales funnel

Week 6 - Finance Deep Dive

Understand your finances and how to play on a higher level.
Master cashflow and your business.

Week 7 - Hiring your dream team

Reach ultimate freedom by having a team of A players that are in line with your philosophy and business culture.

Learn how and when to hire, VAs, Generalists, Sales Reps and Media Buyers.

Week 8 - Building a strong mindset

Build a strong mind to ensure you keep in the right path and motivated.

Bonus - A Second stream of income and Exclusive updates

After this program, you will be a master in copywriting, sales and digital marketing.
This bonus session I’ll show you how I built my social media marketing agency and will keep you updated with exclusive content, that doesn’t fit in the Laid Course Path but are important.

Your Main Support

The dedicated team for your success.

Carlos Arthur

CEO, Theblackird.eu

I'm the Proud Founder and CEO of The Black Bird a Social Media Marketing Agency, Specialized in Marketing and Selling Online Courses.

I Grew up in Angola/Africa, and the education in Africa, in general, is not the best, Having online schools, and take online courses allowed me to build the life/career I've dreamed of.

Online Education holds a very dear place in my life, For that reason now I dedicate my life into helping online course creators and online schools, Coaches, launch and scale their courses to 6-7 Figure mark while helping them impact the lives of their students, as some courses did to mine.

In the first 5 months in business, we generated over 500,000+ Leads and 8.6 Million in revenue for our clients.

In the past year, The Black Bird has helped launch and marketing over 180+ High Ticket courses, across different subjects from Concept Art And VFX, to Coding and Nutrition, and many others...

Igor Saraiva

C.O.O, Theblackbird.eu,

Igor Saraiva who many know him by Kevin Nice is a C.O.O at The Black Bird he's been working with the company for a couple of years now.

He grew up traveling, born in Portugal, moved to England and later on, to Angola, where he met the CEO Carlos Arthur. He is known for his charisma and his understanding of people.

He started working at TheBlackBird for the sole purpose to learn more about how to market in the fashion industry, however, he quickly got hooked on the idea of creating Online Courses and Digital Marketing overall.

In the first 5 months in business, TheBlackBird has generated over 500,000+ Leads and 8.6 Million in revenue for the clients.

In the past year, The Black Bird has helped launch and marketing over 180+ High Ticket courses, across different subjects from Concept Art And VFX, to Coding and Nutrition, and many others...

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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

Working with The Blackbird has been a breath of fresh air! Being from a niche industry CG Spectrums marketing needs are quite unique and require custom solutions. Where other marketing agencies have failed Carlos and his team has surpassed our expectations.

Nick FredinCEO, CG Spectrum

Before Carlos, I thought only I could do the marketing for my business, what Carlos and his team showed us in terms of marketing you cannot simply find it on google...

Ryan KingsleinCEO, Game Art Institute

Black Bird successfully helped us upgrade marketing efforts, and the overall effectiveness of campaigns, unique to our customer base. They've consistently demonstrated a keen awareness of industry-specific trends (for both academic and entertainment fields), and how they affect the receptiveness of our target demographic.

Ted DavisCTO, CGMA

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