Carlos Arthur, CEO

Helping E-learning Businesses to create proven systems to get more students

I’m the Proud Founder and CEO of The Black Bird a Social Media Marketing Agency, Specialized in Marketing and Selling Online Courses.

I Grew up in Angola/Africa, and the education in Africa, in general, is not the best, Having online schools, and take online courses allowed me to build the life/career I’ve dreamed of.

Online Education holds a very dear place in my life, For that reason now I dedicate my life into helping online course creators and online schools, Coaches, launch and scale their courses to 6-7 Figure mark while helping them impact the lives of their students, as some courses did to mine.

In the first 5 months in business, we generated over 500,000+ Leads and 8.6 Million in revenue for our clients.

In the past year, The Black Bird has helped launch and marketing over 180+ High Ticket courses, across different subjects from Concept Art And VFX, to Coding and Nutrition, and many others…