Carlos Arthur

I help E-learning businesses create a proven system to get more students.

Carlos Arthur, CEO @

Helping E-learning Businesses to create proven systems to get more students

I’ve helped launch over 182 online courses and marketing over 200+ online courses thru my Social Media Marketing Agency TheBlackBird. Based on my agency experience and work processes, I’ve created a step-by-step proven system to help people launch 6-7 figure courses in 8 Weeks.

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The Program

The Black Bird’s Digital Ignition Marketing Program, we took our SOP ( Standard Operating Procedure ) and transformed it into an easy to follow, action-packed Bootcamp, where you will learn and implement the exact system we use to bring our clients results, and transform their courses into 6-7 figure products.

Even if you don’t have an E-mail List or a niche selected.

We’ve created a streamlined process to create and launch your course,  and having a predictable system to attract students, without having to do “launches” every month.

Instead of focusing on “list building” the Bootcamp focus on what actually matters “course selling and bringing results to your clients” that is the main goal of your marketing campaigns, we don’t believe in doing marketing just to collect e-mails.
We believe in doing marketing to sell your course and impact your student’s life.

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Get advice from a Marketeer that launched too many courses.

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