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Your life has been ruined by a word that was taken out of the dictionary… Antifragile.Often as an entrepreneur, I read a lot about psychology, understanding human behavior is hands down what makes any business grow.
One of the books I’ve read recently and I’ve been recommending it to everyone because I’ve learned one of the most valuable business lessons is Antifragile by Nassim Taleb.

Let me ask you this, what is the opposite of Fragile? Most of you will say: Strong, Robust right?

The thing is, a fragile thing, for example, a glass, if you drop it, it breaks, a strong, robust thing, if you drop it, it stays the same, therefore this cannot be the opposite of fragile, the opposite of fragile would be something that, if you drop it, it becomes better.

As an example, our skin, if we have a cut, we get a scar, that is a thicker skin if we do push-ups, our muscle breaks, therefore to cope with the pain, it grows stronger.
Humans are antifragile.
Yet we tend to avoid confrontations or seek comfort in all aspects of our lives.
I was in a point of my life when I read the book, that was when I started making money, even tho I had a stream of income every month, I was saving the money, because “I don’t want to live paycheck from paycheck” I was afraid of investing, I was afraid of losing the money and being o a place that I wouldn’t have money.
After reading this book, it clicked, I was protecting myself because of the fragile mentality we have, we never learned that we are antifragile even tho we are, that’s precisely what happens with vaccines as well, they give a small dose of the virus, so our body develops immunity to it.

We are made to break, period.
Without stress, without chaos, without you taking the next step on the thing you’re afraid of doing, you will never evolve as a business owner. Often in business, you see over and over again that risk takers are the ones that achieve their goal.
Like T.S Eliot Says:
“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go.”
So go ahead, and be antifragile.

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