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Last Sunday we hosted the second annual meeting for The Black Bird’s private mastermind ( insider ) where only our students who are at a minimum of 100k per month can join.

In that same Sunday, we had a new member Mitch, Mitch is a Health Coach has been in our E-learning Ignition program since our first version, and he was stuck at 20k per month for 2 years, nothing wrong with that, a lot of people would love to get to that number…

However something happened, he beat me at my own game, for the past 6 months, we haven’t seen Mitch, so for me was a surprise to see him in the insider mastermind, when Mitch started talking about his experience we all went quiet and listened…

-“I’m making 400k per month”, Mitch started his speech…
– For the past 4 months, I was frustrated, everything I did seemed meaningless, and I started to suffer from anxiety, I lost the purpose of what I was doing and money didn’t motivate me anymore, I was stuck at 22k per month and I couldn’t break thru it.
I Lost my routine, I lost my passion and my drive – Mitch added.

Then with a huge smile, he said,
-HOWEVER!!! I’ve found a solution… You see when i stopped worrying about what is the next thing I should do to bring money to the company, and really spent some time with me! understanding me, and how my personal life reflects my business everything changed, people neglect the Vision Mission and Principles of their business and how impactful it can be.

Having a VMP, allowed me to find a new drive, and new motivation to move my business forward, not only for the purpose of making money but with the mindset of changing the world to a better place to a point that people started calling me selfish, but I’m happier than ever…

That reminded me of a quote from Elon Musk’s Biography, Justine (Elon’s Ex-Wife) says this: “He does what he wants and he’s relentless about it. It’s Elon’s world and the rest of us just live in it.” Also, people that visit Elon’s offices, refer to them as Musk Land.

So I decided to study, more about the importance of the VMP, here’s what I’ve found.

So why vision, mission, and principles guide behavior? Man’s search for meaning. Our primary drive in life is not pleasure but the discovery and pursuit of what we personally find meaningful. We want to know the meaning of our existence and our purpose and our place on Earth. The mistake I see a lot of entrepreneurs make is most entrepreneurs sit out to solve incremental problems like helping plumbers get hot water cylinder repair clients. This quest requires no vision, no principles, no culture, it doesn’t really require a philosophy, there’s no hot water cylinder repair philosophy that people live their lives by, and it’s not motivating enough for the founder to really get out of bed, let alone rally an army of people to help them see it through.

There’s nothing wrong with starting small like this. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Hot water cylinder repair clients, plumbers do want them, it’s a real problem. I’m not belittling it. I’m just saying that you can’t take something like that to the next level. It has to have much more meaning than that, to go to that next level. If you want to dig deep in yourself and find that next level of motivation and drive and power, and if you want to be able to summon it in other people too, then you need to find the mission, you need something bigger.

Small basically gets small. If your vision is to get a Ferrari and make $100,000 a year, well, you’ll get it. But you won’t be driven to go for more. Personal wealth and possession goals are lousy short-term motivators with no philosophy or principles. You’ve got to think bigger than you. If your vision is to enrich yourself and get a car, you won’t be able to rally an army of people to help you. To unlock the deeper levels of drive within yourself and attract an army it must be bigger than you. Your vision, mission, and principles, they’re the DNA of everything, and it’s the DNA of everything to come.

For that reason, I’ve created this small fillable pdf, that I’m certain will allow you to think deeper about your business, I’ve also put a few examples of the world top companies as well as The Black Bird’s VMP, you can download by

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or the button below…
To use the pdf is very simple, open it in your google chrome, then fill out the questions in there, after that, to save the pdf with your answers, just click on the print icon, and instead of printing choose to Save as PDF, and it’s done!

Open in google chrome > fill the questions > print icon > save as pdf.

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Hope you enjoy it!

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