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Have you ever wondered how you create an offer that is irresistible to your customer? Many people come to me with this question because they want to increase their sales, but make mistakes when they create their offers.
So today I’m going to share with you which are the 5 vital points to build an irresistible offer. They are the same ones I use when creating my offers and, believe me, they will help you increase your billing!

Creating an Irresistible Offer

I’ll start by telling you what the five vital points are for building an irresistible offer are: engineering the offer, coming up with its ingredients like bonuses and transformation, exposing it to some people, finding out what their objections are, and listing at least 10 and to kill these objections.

Explaining better, for you to create a killer offer, you first have to build it, that is, stop a good time with one or two other people you trust and brainstorm. That is, if they come together to discuss ideas and strategically think about the offer.

The idea is to create an offer that has much more value for the person who is going to buy than it has for you and, remember, irresistible offers are not limited to just lowering the price. A phrase I always like to say to anyone who thinks about lowering their price is: discount is a tax that the entrepreneur pays for not being able to add enough value.

After the engineering of the offer, you must organize it and then make it known to some people. As every offer generates at least one objection, yours will also generate. I even have a video talking about which are the 5 objections that prevent other people from buying your product. Check it out later.

Then, after realizing what your objections are, work to kill them. But, Carlos, how do I find out what my objections are? It’s simple. If you expose your offer offline, you will have to tell your offer to some people and ask them what would prevent them from buying. However, if you advertise the offer on a digital medium, be aware the user feedback.

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